Feel installing an Energy Saver might drill a hole into your pockets?
You are at the right place!!

Energy-saving buildings, appliances and devices are sold as the cost-saving solutions of the future with claims they can cut hundreds of pounds from annual power bills. And with the cost of gas and electricity rising at far above the rate of inflation, these claims are attractive.

There are increasing concerns, however, that many of these items, which can be expensive to buy and install, may not be as cost effective as they claim, and many customers do find themselves in a dilemma to whether spend money on investing on such devices or not.

Elpro has hence come up with the perfect solution which lets you install these Energy Savers free of cost, and enjoy reduced energy bills hence forth. Elpro installs Energy savers with its own fundings into your company and recovers its expenses from the savings obtained after installing the Energy saver. We compare the previous bills to determine the savings and share a percentage of the savings until Elpro's net installment is recovered after which the complete share of the savings belong to your company.

Hence your company gets to reduce its energy bills by a significant amount without any pre-installments requirement which can be instead used for the betterment of your company and its needs added with the savings generated since the installment.The detailed process can be discussed in a pre-arranged meeting with Elpro. Looking forward to have a wonderful relationship with you.

We aim to make the world energy efficient for which we require you to take the first step by having a conversation with us.

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