Energy Expenses eating up all your money??
Well Elpro has the best solution for you.

Sometimes you might feel that energy/electricity bills are drilling a hole into your pockets and even might cause a financial problem for your organisation's development.You might not know why the bills are high and what can be done to reduce them.
First and foremst, one should never look at the amount of bills in terms of rupees(or any currency) to say that the electricity bill is too high.Observe the units consumed on the bill and compare it to the units consumed in the previous month and the same month in previous year.

Now there are numerous reasons why these bills hike ; it can be due to the high resource prices, or the fluctuating weather patterns which are not under our control.
The other factors include -

Smart meters bring with them an opportunity to consume at times of day when electricity is cheaper and to produce our own electricity. Welcome to the era of the empowered consumer. For the first time, customers will be able to select their energy provider on criteria beyond price per kilowatt hour and how green they claim to be. Technological change gives institutions the opportunity to demand a whole new kind of energy package. Yet consumers are held back by the way the electricity market currently operates.

Institutions are spending more on energy even though they are consuming less. Energy efficiency improvements are inadequate to offset rising prices. Yet the perceived costs of doing energy efficiency threaten the future of the India's energy efficiency programme overall.

ELPRO ENERGY DIMENSIONS PVT LTD guarantees to reduce these energy/electricity bills to a considerable amount by saving about 30% energy for any institution.We provide a detailed report after conducting a survey through out the institution on how it can be more energy efficient.Taking a step forward we also deliver by conducting energy audits and helping the company GoGreen.

We aim to make the world energy efficient for which we require you to take the first step by having a conversation with us.

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